Bruce Egnater got his start three decades ago as a Jimi Hendrix and Cream-loving guitarist and electronics student frustrated with off-the-shelf amplifiers that couldn't match the tone of players such as Iggy Pop, Ted Nugent, Bob Seger and Alice Cooper. As the 1970s Detroit rock scene emerged, guitar players wanted bigger, louder & more distorted tones. Since there were no amps at the time that did the job, Bruce set out to build his own amp that did.

To pursue his passion for the intricacies of electronics design, Bruce attended the University of Detroit Engineering School. While studying, Bruce worked at Detroit's legendary Zoppi's Music on 8 Mile Road, repairing a wide variety of musical gear.

In 1975, Bruce opened his own repair shop, which specialized in modifying amplifiers and, in the process, forged new and innovative designs that gave musicians the tools to find their tone.

From humble beginnings in a small shop on 8 Mile Road, Egnater Amplification is today the fastest growing guitar amp manufacturer in the industry. Bruce continues to be a relentless innovator striving to find new ways to get that illusive "ultimate" tone.

His patented modular tube amplifiers are a radical departure from convention and his ground-breaking line of all-tube amps found within this website continue to set the benchmark for others in our industry to follow.

"Tone First" is Bruce's motto and what he lives for.

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