GFI system pedals are designed and built by Henry Widjaja, with the help of a small team of engineers and techies. They started out in 2010 designing and building analog pedals and began diving into the realm of digital effects by 2013. Beginning in 2016, Yonas Darja and his brother Jesse Darja came on board to take on the management and marketing roles. They look forward to bringing innovative and exciting products that capture the hearts and imagination of guitar players and musicians for many years to come.

Yonas and Henry were already toying with the idea of starting a guitar-oriented tech company when they were studying in the US back in 2003, the dawn of boutique pedals market. The two of them spent more time discussing about guitars, effects, and music than studying for quizzes. Henry's major was Electrical Engineering with specialization in Signal Processing, and his hobby was tearing pedals apart, the combination worked quite well. However, their idea took a back seat after graduation. They both went back to Indonesia, worked 9-to-5 jobs and started families of their own.

Henry went to work for an engineering company then moved on to teach electrical engineering at a university. All along, their old little idea never left his mind, he still loved to tinker with pedals, electronics, and stuff. While he loved working in an academic environment, he soon realized that he enjoyed his other activity much more, and so he took the plunge. he quit the job, bought an oscilloscope, soldering station, a drill press, a big desk, and a whole bunch of parts, GFI System was born.