Chapman Guitars is a small British guitar company with a big difference.

Brought to existence in June 2009 by our founder Rob Chapman, Chapman Guitars has grown exponentially over the past 8 years, guided by our core ideal of collaborative design and a team of highly skilled musicians, engineers, designers and creatives.

As musicians we strive to build our instruments to the highest standard, guitars and basses that we ourselves routinely record and tour with. Our aim is to create the highest quality instruments for the best value - to that end we place a much higher percentage of our cost into the build of our guitars than many of our competitors. We are able to do this because we do not use a traditional distribution business model - saving us a considerable amount of money, all of which goes back into the guitars.

We love sharing the journey of Chapman Guitars and routinely tour across the USA and UK to meet with guitarists from all over the world.

Chapman Guitars is proud to present its latest venture “Snake Oil Fine Instruments”. Offering a joyous richness of tone unparalleled by any other inferior brand, Snake Oil is the choice of the respected musician.

Proudly launching with two unreasonably superior pedals, “The Very Thing” and “The Marvelous Engine” and made in England to exacting specifications, you can rest assured that these majestic new devices from Snake Oil Fine Instruments represent the very finest of audio apparatus. Avoid weak imitations, no other is genuine.