About Us

Welcome to the Tone Vault! We are inspired by the journey we all take to find that perfect tone - the tone that sticks in your head and seems unatainable. We are a premium music gear company; we stock boutique and premium guitars, amps, effects - hopefully everything you need to realise your tone goals!

We work on an appointment basis - our showroom in Centurion will carry as much of our supplier's products as possible. We want you to have a relaxed comfortable atmosphere to really put the products through their paces. Our end goal is for you as a musician to find those pieces of gear that make you sound like the best version of you.

We stock products from some of the most widely recognised builders in the US and the UK, as well as top South African amp and guitar builders.... we're also always on the lookout for new products that we feel should be available in SA, so keep an eye out on our site and socials for updates on stock arrivals and new suppliers coming on board.

Items not in stock can be ordered - the lead times vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as most of the exclusive brands we stock are built to order. All the lead times for each manufacturer / supplier are available on the site. If you're not sure, click enquire on the product you're interested in or get us on email or the socials - or go old school and give us a call...

Thanks for the visit - we hope we can find the right gear to move you along on your journey of tone!