Chapman Guitars ML1 Traditional V2

The first time you pick up your brand new ML1 Traditional your eyes will take in a visual feast of the stunning swamp ash body. But over time the satin finish neck, complete with rolled edges, will take on the wonderfully worn and comfortable feel of a trusted old friend. Take this feeling, multiply it by 2, and you will have the beautifully updated 2019 ML1 Traditional.

Years from now you will be able to read the story of your work in the grain of the satin natural fretboard, gradually building up the visual heritage of your hard spent hours. Plug it in and the ML1 Traditional yields a myriad of tones from crisp, woody and clean through to soaring, powerful lead tones, all forged by your hands in the fire of the specially-voiced and newly enhanced Chapman Venus Witch Zerø single coil pickup set.

Available in Coffee and Lunar, the ML1 Traditional is best served loud.