Stringjoy 6 String Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings - Drop Tune Medium Plus Gauge (11.5-58)

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  • We know what you're thinking, “Why do I need a set of strings specifically for drop tunings? Won’t my current set work fine?”

    Yes, using a regular set of strings will work “fine”, but who wants they’re strings to be just “fine”. You wouldn’t want a haircut that looked just “fine”. You wouldn’t want a hamburger that tasted just “fine”. Fine is bad, and we don’t like bad.

    That’s why we have sets of strings that are specifically made for drop tunings, like Stringjoy's Drop Tuning Medium Plus set, which, since you’re reading this, you have already expressed

    an interest in.

    What they’ve done is they’ve taken everything that’s great about our Heavy Bottom Medium Plus gauge strings, but they’ve slapped a thicker sixth string on the bottom to make sure your drop tunings sound better than “fine”, we want them to sound extraordinarily marvelous.

    If you play in drop tunings and you’re sick of your sixth string flopping around all willy-nilly like, then you’re gonna need a set of these.


    Gauges: .0115 – .015 – .019p – .032 – .044 – .058