Stringjoy 6 String Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Bottom Super Light Plus Gauge (9.5-50)

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  • “Oh you’re gonna string these up tonight / Oh on that guitar of yours just right / Oh you’re gonna let those notes ring out / Heavy Bottom strings you make the rocking world go round.”

    If you’re needing something with a little extra low-end, you’re gonna dig these strings so much you’ll be singing that song every time you pick up your guitar. But in all seriousness, these strings really kick some butt.

    Stringjoy Heavy Bottom Super Light Plus set features slightly heavier wound strings than the Husky ones in order to squeeze a little more low end out of your guitar and provide a nice base for the rest of your sound.


    Gauges: .0095 – .013 – .016 – .028 – .038 – .050