Stringjoy 6 String Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings - Husky Medium Gauge (11-52)

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  • If you look up “husky” in the dictionary, the words big, burly, strong, and brawny get thrown around quite a bit. And that’s great, because that’s exactly how these bad boys sound.

    They’re the perfect solution for the player that wants a little extra “oomph” out of a typical set of mediums, because let’s be honest, when was too much “oomph” ever a bad thing? Never, that’s when.

    So if you want the strings of a plaid-clad mountain man that belongs on the side of a paper towel package, then this husky set is just what you’re looking for. Trust me.


    Gauges: .011 – .014 – .018p – .030 – .040 – .052