Stringjoy 4 String Nickel Wound Bass Guitar Strings - Medium Gauge (50-105)


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  • Stringjoy call this one the Goldilocks set because it’s not too heavy and it’s not too light. It’s juuuust right. I like to think that if Goldilocks was a musician, she’d be a bass player and would be able to lay down the funkiest bass grooves that would keep those three bears up dancing all night long.

    Now where were we…

    Stringjoy bass guitar strings are roundwound from American nickel alloy windings and round steel core wire. They have a full, resonant low end and a medium top end—not too bright, not too mellow — giving these strings a balanced sonic profile with optimum output.

    The tapers on Stringjoy bass strings are halfwound to better enable the string to wind around the tuning peg and hold tune once it’s there. The process is very similar to how “silked” end strings are made, but Stringjoy leave off the silk.

    Unless otherwise noted, Stringjoy bass strings have a 38″ winding length, ideal for both 34″ and 35″ scale basses.

    Gauges: .050 – .065 – .085 – .105